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Spyview Technologies has the expertise you need for CCTV network design, implementation and maintenance. Our certified network administrators can assist you with all stages of network, server, storage, home automation systems including all security system.

  • CCTV Camera Installation & Monitoring, DVR, NVR, IVMS Setup.

  • Network planning, design, and architecture Installation.

  • Cabling, switch, Firewall, Load Balancer and router installation.

  • Server installation, virtualization and/or remote hosting.

  • Disaster preparedness and recovery with redundant systems, scheduled backups, migration and remote replication.

  • Security measures assessment and implementation of Access Door System.

  • Ongoing maintenance including server integration, migrations, and upgrades.

We at Spyview Technologies have wealth of knowledge and experience in CCTV security cameras. We are able to provide service and support nationwide for video surveillance system and CCTV security cameras in India.

Spyview Technologies is a leading provider of offsite CCTV monitoring services for commercial and non-commercial assets. Our remote CCTV monitoring enables your site to be monitored real time video 24/7, ensuring onsite security and safety. Our professionals can provide right device and software modules based on your business requirements. We will design high-end CCTV (VMS) video management system in cluster network setup, Server, Storage & Software configuration. This will take you to next level multifunctionality analytics in video recoding software. Surveillance maintenance AMC and installation as you will receive the same level of protection, at lower costs.

CCTV Camera System

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      We have the right surveillance solution for any business or environment.


  • DVR / NVR / IVMS setup. 

  • HD / IP camera. 

  • Face recognition camera.    

  • Thermal camera.

  • Color day & night camera. 

  • Number plate recognition camera.         

  • Residential 

  • Office 

  • Factory

  • Road Traffic View 

  • Complex & Buildings 

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Network solution involves the careful integration of both hardware and software. Spyview Technologies have trained IT specialists who can effectively analyze the network performance and reliability of the following hardware including, but not limited to:


Network Setup & Maintenance

  • New Routers, L2, L3 Switches, Firewall, Load balancer. 

  • Designing & Implementation of LAN / Cat6 / Fiber Optic cabling.

  • Network Security Planning & Implementation.

  • Network Management.

  • Network Upgrades.

  • WIFI Network Implementation in home and office.

  • Network Configuration. 


A reliable server gives businesses, the opportunity to streamline operations such as file sharing the documents and enable employees and associates to focus on revenue-producing work. Spyview Technologies offers installation maintenance and upgrades of business computer networks & server. Companies that do not have security in their offices, or have the space to hold a free standing rack will hugely benefit from using our server installation & maintenance services.


  • New Server Implementation.

  • Server Maintenance.

  • Server Service & Upgradation.

  • Server Software & Roles Installation.

  • Server Migration / Migration to Cloud.

  • OS & VM Installation.

Server Installation & Maintenance

Storage Network Architecture is the conceptual structure and logical organization of a network whose main purpose is to transfer data between storage devices and servers and among storage devices. The term Storage Network is identified with such a network, but is sometimes used to refer to a storage system communicating over a network. Related terms such as Storage Area Network and Network Attached Storage are described in separate entries. Note that usages of terms related to storage network architectures may depend on contexts at times.

   • (DAS) Direct attached storage.

   • (NAS) Network attached storage.

   • (SAN) Storage area network.  

   • (Cloud) Virtualization of storage.

Storage Installation & Maintenance

A biometric system is a system that allows the recognition of a certain characteristic of an individual using mathematical algorithms and biometric data. There are several uses of biometric systems. There are systems that require enrollment upstream of users. Other identification systems do not require this phase

  • Door access card system. 

  • Door number lock system. 

  • Face recognition authentication system. 

  • Eye retina biometrics. 

  • Fingerprint door lock system.

  • Video door Phone.


Biometric & Door Access System

New Computer supplying in large quantity, AMC for small office computer amc services we also including computer/ laptop amc services as per below Computer hardware diagnostic troubleshooting a computer repair all kind software installation and troubleshooting software problems virus and spyware removal and protection slow computer solution . Monthly remove unwanted applications. Upgrades / hardware installation. Tune ups a preventative maintenance


Home automation can make people’s lives easier, safer and more efficient. These systems can be as simple or as complex as one would like, controlling everything from lighting and door locks, to television sets, coffee machines and HVAC units. Most home automation systems are simple enough for homeowners with a basic knowledge of technology to install themselves.


  • New desktop and laptop. 

  • System maintenance.  

  • Hardware replacement. 

  • Software installation.  

  • Antivirus installation.

  • Control you TV, Xbox or music player wirelessly from your smartphone.

  • Motion deduction light on & off.

  • On & OFF Lights, Fan, remotely.  

  • Automatic water tank level controller. 

New Desktops & Laptops

Home Automation System